Aluminum Wiring Repair and Removal Services

Aluminum Wiring Repair and Removal services In Cochrane, Calgary, Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows,Canmore, Airdrie, and Area

        When moving into an older home it is important to consider what condition is my electrical system is in. One thing to check for is Aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring was installed in the 1960s until the early 1970 era as a cheaper alternative to copper wire. However we all know that cheaper does not equate to being superior. 

         The problem with the aluminum is that it is a softer metal and it can become loose over time, which means there is an arcing hazard in your  electrical system. This creates heat that has the potential for creating a fire. Also if using Copper and Aluminum together not  if not spliced properly can also be a cause for concern. 

      Upon consultation with your local electrician, they should be able to find quickly if aluminum wiring throughout your home. Firestorm Electric can give you expert advice as to whether it is time to do a full removal of the aluminum wiring or just do the proper maintenance or repair on the existing electrical system that  you already have. Whatever your decision is, we can ensure that we will keep you and your family safe and give you that extra piece of mind! 


Signs that you have Aluminum
Wiring in Your Home

           Firestorm Electric. is a leading electrical contractor serving Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding areas.  We are dedicated to providing professional, peace of mind electrical inspections and aluminum wiring repair or removal for your home or business. 

Here are a couple of signs that you have electrical wiring in your home:

  1. Carefully remove a plug or a switch cover and visually check the color of the wire to the device. If it appears to be a silver color, then chances you have Aluminum wiring

  2. Carefully inspect the wire entering your electrical panel looking for markings on the plastic-sheathed or cloth outer jacket of the electric cables. If the cables have “Al” or “Aluminum” printed on the outer jacket, you have Aluminum wiring.                                                                                                

aluminum wiring plug

Why Hire Us

            If you have found aluminum wiring in your home or business, it is important to have the repair or removal performed by a qualified electrical professional. Aluminum wiring is a known cause for many electrical fires due to poor or loose  connections from years of use or even overheating. If you are getting home insurance, you may find that you may need an electrical inspection to deem the wiring safe as it has cost the insurance company's lots of money in claims. Keeping your family safe is a top priority and we are here to help.

       Call Firestorm Electric for all your Aluminum wiring repairs  and removal needs in Cochrane, Calgary and Area. From the first initial meeting to the job completed, we will put a smile on your face as the electrical work was completed on time, and on budget.        We are licensed and insured and we will make sure that you and you can have that peace of mind that you and your family can use your home safely  for many years to come!  


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