Basement Development Wiring in Cochrane

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Professional Basement Wiring Services

                 Proper basement development is a  home improvement for you to increase the value of your home and make sure that it has everything that you want and desire. It might be that extra space that your family needs or that income suite that will help pay the bills.  One of the cornerstone decisions that you will have to make is choosing who will do the electrical wiring.  

           Using a licensed electrician to look after the running cable portion of the job will make sure the wiring is safe and done to the current electrical code. It’s a great opportunity to have your new space wired up with a professional that will make sure that your electrical dreams will become a reality!


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Things to Think About Before Wiring a Basement

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               There are a lot of things to consider when wiring a basement development. It all starts with a good electrical plan on paper. Some may seem trivial and obvious, but some are not depending upon what the basement will be used for.  In the end, it will predominantly depend on many extra electrical items that you may want or need It also depends on what your budget is for the fit and finish.

        Here is a list of the main things that you must think about before your basement is developed and wired:

  • Do I need any bedrooms for guests or older children?

  • Do I need any extra heating in the basement?(electric fireplace, Baseboard Heating, In wall unit heaters)

  • Do I want in floor heating in the bathroom or another area?

  • Is there enough space in the electrical panel for all the things I want to add?

  • What type of lighting do I want?(pot lights or fixtures)

  • How many TV's am I going to have and where?

  • Options include bars, home theatres, media rooms, game rooms, home gyms etc. 

  • Do I need any special outlets for a specific need? (iron plug, exercise equipment, specialized equipment)

  • Do I need something electrical run for the outside of my house before it is all closed up?(i.e. future hot tub, landscape lighting, irrigation etc.)

  • How do I obtain an electrical and building permits before work begins?  Are there any specific municipal building or electrical rules I need to know?

  • How does the inspection process work? When does this happen and whom do I need to contact?

  • This is an important item that often gets overlooked. Which way does the door swing? This will change where the light switch box location is and the overall flow of the space. Also  you want to ensure that no outlet boxes end up behind a door either. Plan Accordingly!



Basement Lighting Considerations

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                 What do you require for lighting in your basement? This is a complicated question

that has a lot of answers. There are three main types of lighting that can be used to describe lighting in a space.

       There first one we are going to talk about and the most important  is ambient lighting. This is also referred to as general purpose lighting. It is intended to light up a space evenly and allow whatever activity to take place in a room that you want. If you are unsure as to what some of the spaces in your basements are going to be used for, ambient lighting is definitely the way to go. In most spaces this can be accomplished by properly spaced recessed lighting or use of light fixtures in the center of rooms. 

       The second type of lighting is called task lighting. This is exactly what it sounds like by the name, lighting designed for a specific task. Some examples of this in a room would be a switched outlet designed to plug in a lamp for a nightstand. Perhaps you are going to use you basement for entertainment and you need a space for a pool table light or foosball table. Maybe you are like artwork and are planning to hang a bunch of your favorites on the walls There are lighting designs for that. Properly designed, a space will not only look the part, but it will be able to act the part as well. 


      The third type of lighting takes a little more thought, but can really give a room that wow factor and make it pop. It is called ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is used to simply accent a room to highlight  an object or room design/architecture. It usually is not intended to fully illuminate a space and must be used with one of the other types of lighting mentioned above. Some examples of this would be lights on the back of stair treads, or perhaps a rope light used underneath some cove molding. Another common type would be lighting inside built in cabinetry to light up objects inside. Ambient lighting is a great addition to any room and really can create a different mood/atmosphere. 


          When doing your electrical in your basement, talk to your electrician about some ideas you might have as to what you would like to see in your space. Planning with any space starts with a blueprint, and talking to a knowledgeable professional will help you fill in that blanks and not miss out on anything important!  


Wired To Current Canadian Electrical Code

         Hiring an electrician to wire your basement comes with the added value of meeting or exceeding the current Canadian Electrical Code, city and municipal codes and building codes. Here at Firestorm Electric we strive to keep up to date on code changes an ensure that a professional installation is completed each and every time. 

           Whether you are renovating an existing basement or building a new one from the studs, talk to us about how we can help in the process to make the electrical wiring a breeze. 

Why Hire Us?

           Call Firestorm Electric for all your basement wiring needs in Cochrane, Calgary and Area. From the first initial meeting to the job completed, we will put a smile on your face as the electrical installation was completed on time, and on budget. We will also ensure that proper permits are pulled and inspections happen at the different stages of the job. 

       We are licensed and insured and will make sure that you and your family can use your basement safely for many years to come!

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