Ceiling Fan Wiring and Installations

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     Did you purchase a ceiling fan and need some help wiring or installing it?  Here at Firestorm Electrical, we’ve made the decision easy! With years of experience,  we’re the top  choice for all your ceiling fan wiring and installation needs servicing homes and businesses in Cochrane, Calgary and Area.


Why Ceiling Fans are Huge
Benefit to Any Home

          Fans are a nice extra addition to any home. They help to cool a room down and circulate air in a space to eliminate stagnant air in the summer time. While it is not quite as good as owning an air conditioner, it is very energy efficient and cost effective for any homeowner.

          Most people don't realize this, but ceiling fans also can to used in the winter time. Most ceiling fans have a reverse button allowing the fans to spin counterclockwise.  This allows for the hot air that is at the top of the room to be pushed down and help to keep you warm and cozy. 

          Choosing Firestorm Electric for your ceiling fan installations is the best decision you can make, since we’re local, professional and family-owned.  If you need ceiling fan installation in Cochrane and Area then give us a call now!  


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