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Electrical Panel Upgrades 

 Firestorm Electrician Offers
Quality Panel Upgrades

                Firestorm Electric offers the service of providing top quality panel upgrades for businesses in Cochrane and surrounding areas. If your electrical panel seems limited in its capacity to add new electrical items to or it seems more often than not, you are resetting the main breaker as there are too many things turned on in your business, you may need a new electrical panel and possibly a service upgrade.     

       Many older businesses main electrical panels were very small as people had very different needs when they were built. Some may use outdated and obsolete breakers that you cannot find anymore even if you wanted to. Some brands of older electrical panels may even be deemed unsafe and have been recalled and never got changed out.

      You may be asking yourself, is all this really necessary. My electrical works right now doesn't it. It may work at the moment, but just like anything else in this world, things get old and eventually break.

It may be a better idea to fix the problem now instead of when something in the panel fails and you are left without power and it becomes an emergency. 

electrical panel

            Typically most panel upgrades happen when a business is doing a small or large renovation on their property and they quickly realize that their existing electrical system is not adequate to handle the new loads from the new electrical upgrades. It is usually a  good time to change it out and give the electrical system a new lease on life. 

     When upgrading your electrical panel, it will be planned so the the power at the business will be down for the shortest time possible and restored so there is minimal disruption. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Our Electrical Experts Offer Electrical Service Upgrades

         When your main breaker is tripping in your business with all the electrical demands you have turned on, you might have to start thinking about getting an electrical service upgrade. This is one of the biggest upgrades on an electrical system you can really do.


          The first step will be for a review of the existing electrical service installation and recommendations from what is found. It will really depend on the condition and age of all the individual components.


Some of the items that will looked at are:

  • Upgrading both your main electric panel and electrical meter socket;

  • Replacing the wiring feed from the meter to the panel; and

  • Replacing the wires connecting the utility and the meter itself

  • The grounding system for the house

  • Changing the service entrance location from overhead to direct burial where applicable

    When upgrading your electrical service and possibly electrical panel, it will be planned so the the power at the residence will be down for the shortest time possible and restored so there is minimal disruption. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!  

Why Hire Us

                     Whether you need a new electrical service or panel upgrade  the highly experienced electricians of Firestorm Electric will take care of you and your needs. Rest assured, on all our jobs, we only use quality products to ensure that our work stands the test of time. We hope to be able to resolve your power usage problems and concerns so that you and your family will have a safe and comfortable home to live in.

           . From the first initial meeting to the job completed, we will put a smile on your face as the electrical installation was completed on time, and on budget. Call us for your professional electrical panel and service upgrades and replacements in Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding areas. We will make sure that you and your business can use your operate safely for many years to come!


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