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Garage Electrical  Wiring or Rewiring Professionals

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        Firestorm Electric  is Cochrane, Calgary and Area's most trusted electrician for garage wiring or rewiring . From basic wiring to specialized wiring for someone who likes to work out in their garage, we can help. We can customize the space to exactly what you want or need to get the most out of it.  From detached garages to attached and everything in between, We are here to help!

Things to Think About When Wiring a Garage

           There are a lot of things to consider when building or renovating  a garage. Some may seem trivial and obvious, but some are not depending upon what the garage will be used for in the end as well as how many extra electrical things you may want or need


         Here is a list of some of the things you should be thinking about finishing your space

  • What is the garage going to be used for?(i.e. a shop, just to park in, or storage)

  • How many garage motors in the garage and what size and location

  • Number of garage door openers to be used

  • Are you planning on putting Christmas lights up on the garage roof? Do you need soffit plugs? And in what locations?

  • Electric car chargers- Now or in the Future?

  • How many doors are the garage and which way does the door swing?

  • Do I need an outside door opener and is it wireless or does it need a wire to the device?

  • Garage lighting - Do I need basic lighting or do I need upgraded lighting for working in the garage or some other purpose?

  • Garage heating - electric heating or a gas heater? Or no heater at all?

  • How many regular and power outlets you require?

  • Do I want extra features like an illuminated number sign?

  • Are you going to use power tools? On what walls?

  • If and where are you installing shelving ?

  • Do you want security lights on your garage?

  • What do you want the fit and finish of the exterior lighting to look like?

  • Is the new garage is going to be finished with drywall or will remain unfinished after wiring?

Wired to the Current Electrical Code

Hiring an electrician to wire your garage comes with the added value of meeting or exceeding the current Canadian Electrical Code, city and municipal codes and building codes. Here at Firestorm Electric we strive to keep up to date on code changes an ensure that a professional installation is completed each and every time.

           Whether you are renovating an existing garage or building a new one from the studs, talk to us about how we can help in the process to make the electrical wiring a breeze.

Why Hire Us?

            Call Firestorm Electric for all your electrical wiring or rewiring needs in Cochrane, Calgary and Area.

         From the first initial meeting to the job completed, we will put a smile on your face as the electrical installation was completed on time, and on budget. We are licensed and insured and we will make sure that you and your family can use your garage safely for many years to come!

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