Hot Tub Wiring

Hot Tub Electrical Wiring Installations in Cochrane, Calgary, Airdrie, Bragg Creek, Canmore, Redwood Meadows, and Surrounding Areas
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Why Not Just Wire Your
Own Hot Tub? 

    Well for some people, they might ask themselves, the question, Why don't I just wire my own hot tub?  It looks pretty easy right? The answer is probably not.

        While some models only require a 120V plugin, most do not. Most regular sized hot tubs require a 240V connection to be hard wired to the hot tub. They also require a GFCI Breaker to be installed somewhere in the installation. They also require a disconnect to be located within line of sight of the hot tub.

            There is also the issue of what wire size is needed to hook up this specific hot tub? There is also the question what breaker do I need? Will my panel be able to even support adding a hot tub? Do I need an electrical inspection? Are there other rules to follow?  Is this starting to sound complicated? 

      If you answered yes, then you are not alone. The proper electrical wiring of a hot tub is crucial for the safety of the occupant’s home and occupants. It should be installed by a licensed electrician.  


If you are needing a hot tub installation, call Cochrane's favorite electrical contractor for your free quote. We can coordinate with you once the tub is delivered and in place for an electrician perform the hot tub electrical installation in a snap.

Tips on Before Hot Tub
Wiring Happens 

    Are you getting a Hot Tub?  That's Terrific!  Here is a list of things to think about before  getting  your hot tub hooked up.

  • The hot tub needs to be placed on a solid & level foundation. This is important for the operation of the tub and to make sure that the water stays in!

  • No overhead power lines above within 10 feet of the hot tub.

  • If installing on a deck, make sure that it is engineered to be able to take weight of the tub

  • Consult with your electrician to make a plan to make sure the hot tub wiring installation will go smoothly(possibly running the hot tub cable wiring underground or through a conduit where applicable).

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Why Choose Us

           Call Firestorm Electric for all your hot tub wiring needs in Cochrane, Calgary and Area. From the first initial meeting to the job completed, we will put a smile on your face as the electrical installation was completed on time, and on budget. We are licensed and insured and we will make sure that you and your family can use the hot tub safely for many years to come!