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Lighting Installation and Upgrades

Our Lighting Installation Services

           Choosing the most appropriate lighting upgrade for a room might be exceptionally difficult if you do not take into consideration some very important aspects of this matter. Firestorm Electric is a trusted company that can offer you professional lighting installation and upgrading services, so you can easily compliment the natural light in your home or work and enhance its functionality with the appropriate amount of illumination. Firestorm Electric will walk you through the whole process, helping you maximize the light in your space and minimize its impact on your energy bills.

At Firestorm Electric, we have the necessary expertise install or upgrade lights in any part of your home or business​

and advising you on the best solutions for your budget and taste. Some of our most popular lighting upgrade services include:

  • LED Lighting Upgrades

  • Kitchen Lighting

  • Bathroom Lighting

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Motion Sensors/Occupancy lighting

  • Pot Light Upgrades

  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades to save you money on on energy bills.

  • Landscape lighting/Deck Lighting

  • Detail or Mood Lighting 

  • Exterior Security Lighting  

  • Commercial Row Lighting(Tube, Ballast)

  • Task lighting 

  • Outdoor Deck Lighting




fancy LED hanging light

Premium Quality Lighting  And Products Used in Lighting Installations 

Whether you are looking for a way to upgrade the lighting of your house or you simply want to replace an inefficient lighting design, Firestorm Electric can help. We only use premium quality lighting products in return for very affordable amounts of money, so you can enjoy the excellent quality of our products for a longer period of time and never encounter any problems. 

        Firestorm Electric is a specialized company that provides Cochrane, Calgary and area with electrical services, offering professionally trained individuals who can meet all of your criteria properly. Starting from good-looking indoor trendy styles to outdoor lighting, our electricians understand all your needs and expectations accurately and will provide you with adequate lighting upgrades based on the size of your rooms, what the room is used for, number of windows, etc., so you can enhance its natural light and help you save on your energy bills at the end of the month.

           Premium quality lighting and a simple A- Z approach  are the two things that describe our lighting upgrade and installation services, so choosing us will offer you the most advantageous options for your budget and will help you to avoid overdoing it as well.

 Most Trusted Lighting Installation Company In Cochrane and Area

Edison light

        Contact us today and you will get the best lighting upgrade and installation services in any city around Cochrane that you need. Firestorm Electric is a trusted company that will answer your call in your time of need and make sure that we listen to you and work with your budget so you get exactly what you want so that its affordable.

        We are always prepared to provide you with our expert advise, so contacting us will allow you to speak to a professional individual who will offer you a free estimation of the total cost of your needs, along with further information regarding our lighting upgrade and installation services. 

       Feel free to either drop us a line, Call us or send us a message. We are here to serve you with any type of lighting service that you may need.

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