Important Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

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Children are the most curious sorts and manage to find themselves in checking things out that they are not familiar with. This behavior can get them sometimes in precarious situations with electricity. Here is a list of the top things that children can get into related to getting an electrical shock.

  1. Children Flying Kites Near Power Lines - Electricity is lazy and always looks for the easiest path to ground. Make sure that path doesn't include going through a human being

  2. Children Playing With Electrical Devices Near Water - This could do either once of the two. Wreck your favorite device like a tablet or phone or cause a child to get a good shock. If there is no avoiding a child playing with electrical items near water, make sure that the outlet it is plugged into is GFCI protected

  3. Plugs are Only for Plugging Things in - Make sure children have something to keep them occupied or you might find them sticking things in outlets that they shouldn't be. If it is a newer home, it will be equipped with tamperproof receptacles as a deterrent, but a determined child might figure a way around this.

  4. Don't Play Near Outdoor Transformers, Pads, or Outside Panels in Parks - Make sure children playing outside understand that the big green boxes(transformers) or pads or any other electrical panels found in parks used for outdoor lighting, sprinkler systems, etc. are not targets for guns or things to stand on or hang on. They could damage the equipment or worse, find themselves in the hospital or worse.

  5. Extension Cords - These can be dangerous without being plugged in. Kids can use these for lassos, tying each other up or may be accidentally choking out one of their friends. There are many uses for extension cords as kids have great imaginations. Plugged in, ensure that they are in good shape and not frayed or damaged. Kids for some reason always find these weakness spots and could be in for a shock if they do.

  6. Kids in Trees - Tree climbing can potentially be scary on their own and many a child has fallen out of a tree. If a tree happens to be near overhead power lines this could be a cause for concern. If kids grab onto a live overhead power line they might not be around to tell the story of what happened.

  7. Toasters -Make sure children do not stick things in the toaster that aren't meant for toaster, in particular metal objects. This will not only certainly destroy your toaster, but could cause a fire or worse!

  8. Plugging Things In - This is more of a thing to educate your children on. Make sure that they plug things in with the plug orientated in the correct direction. this will make sure that the plug prongs are not damaged but items are plugged in with the correct polarity and all the way. in.

  1. Unplugging things -This is another simple thing I have seen children do wrong time and time again. Educate your child that you must pull out the end of the plug and not just yank it out. Doing it this way may damage the plug, the plug end or worse.

  2. Don't Overload an Outlet -Plugging too many things into one outlet many overload it damaging people and your electrical items. Educate children on the importance of using more than one outlet to promote electrical safety and common sense.

  3. Electrical Tripping Hazards - Make sure that cords are not running through high traffic areas of your home. Rearrange your furniture to ensure that electrical cords and sockets are away from prying eyes.

  4. Electrical Heating - Items like electric fireplaces, baseboard heaters, unit heaters are easy things a child can get burned on. Make sure small children understand the importance of not touching the homes heating, but also not to stick items in or around them.

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