Signs You Need to Change Out Your Receptacles

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Are your electrical outlets looking like they have seen better days? Are they starting to look discolored and no longer working properly? Are they in a dated style that looks like they came out of a history book?

Here are some of the top signs that you might have to do a refresh on your electrical outlets.

Plug Faces are Cracked and Covers are Broken - Years of usage of anything and it eventually will break and have to be replaced. It is no different for your electrical outlets. Physical wear on plugs may cause a potential hazard when using and make using that outlet undesirable

Plug Outlets are not to the Latest Code - In residential homes, standard receptacles were the norm for many years. In the last 10 years this has changed. You are required to have tamper-resistant style plugs to be installed in the place of them. This makes it safer for small children and helps to prevent electrical injuries.

Items Plugged in Sag and Pull Out From the Outlet - This is a sure sign that your plugs needs to be replaced. A loose connection could cause arcing and your item plugged in to stop working or be intermittent.

Outlets Only have 2 Prongs - Most modern electrical plug in devices require a ground to work properly and safely. This is a strong indication that your outlets are ungrounded. This creates a significant shock risk and puts your electronics at risk of becoming damaged.

This will involve most likely involve a partial or even full rewire of the home. Consult with your local electrician to help figure out the extent of ungrounded conductors in your home and come out with a plan to correct this problem

Sparking or a Burning Smell Coming From Outlets - When you plug something in, does it spark at you? Is there an odd odor coming from the outlets or black marks on the face of the receptacle? If the answer is yes, then these are sure signs that your plugs need a refresh.

If you are concerned about your outlets, and think that they might need to be refreshed, please feel free to book an appointment with Firestorm Electric. We can change these out for you in a jiffy and make sure that your home is a safe and happy one!

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