5 Electrical Problems To Fix To Sell Your Home Fast

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

It is time to put your house up for sale and get ready for the big move. There are some areas that need sprucing up in order to make the sale as quick and painless as possible. Electrical problems usually slowly creep up over time as things wear down due to usage. Here is the list of things that should be attended to before selling a home.

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Working Smoke Detectors

This is one thing that commonly gets pushed under the rug. A working smoke detector not only saves lives, but gives you the advanced warning that you need to escape harms way.

Common problems that cause neglect include not changing batteries or upgrading outdated smoke alarms. A lot of people look surprised when I mention that smoke detectors have an actual expiry date. Typically most are rated to last 10 years, but it is entirely up to the manufacturer. Battery problems usually involve taking the detector down from the ceiling and pulling out the batteries and then forgetting to replace them and put it back up.

There is a reason every year that fire department do awareness campaigns to remind people to keep detectors in good working order

In any event, this should be taken care of as it will show to a perspective home buyer that the home has not been maintained properly. On to the next most important electrical item people put off doing.

Broken Glass on Fixtures or Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Both of these seem trivial and obvious but are both common problems. That chandelier or light fixture in the stairwell way up in no mans land has a couple of lights that have been burnt out for a while and the owner hasn't the skills or motivation to climb up there to change the bulb.

The broken glass on a light usually happens when someone is changing out a bulb and has an accident or when moving in a large object and clips the glass. It is just left as is, because it still works and it will most likely require the services of an electrician.

Fix these minor mishaps and you will be well on your way to finalizing the deal on your home.

Broken/Worn Out Devices

This just happens over time when that switch is turned on for the 5000th time and finally wears out. Or when that outlet is overloaded and leaves a black mark on the face. Instead of fixing that electrical item, people will delay the repair until push comes to shove. And if you are selling your home, the hand will have to move to ensure a smooth sale and maximum profits.

Electrical covers also become broken over time as well. These are the types of fixes will help make the home show well, but will also improve the safety of its patrons.

Old Electrical Wiring

If you live in an older home, this item may pertain to you. If your house has outdated wiring, this may present an issue when perspective buyers come to look at your home. If your home has either aluminum wiring or ungrounded conductors, this may have to be addressed before the home goes up for sale if you want top dollar for your property.

This is not an easy fix and most likely will involve the services of your local electrician. That person will be able to determine the extent of the problems associated with the property and come up with a suitable course of action. Safety is number one when making sure that a home is suitable to live in.

Outdated Electrical Panel

If you have an older home with breakers that trip easy or do not work at all due to age or overcurrent's then this is another important item that may need. An electrical panel is like the brains for your home electrical system and when it doesn't work properly, damage and fire may occur under the right conditions.

If not replaced, a home inspector may point this problem out to the perspective buyers and they may then run for the hills. It definitely might be something to consider.

Certified Electricians are Ready to Help

If you need help with getting your home ready for sale, and live in the Cochrane, Calgary region Firestorm Electric is here to help. With our years of experience and knowledge, you know you will be in good hands. Call us today for your free consultation!


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