Guide to Home Thermostats

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Some thermostats can do it all and then some, while others may just get the job done and sometimes this ok. In this article we are going to look at the different types of thermostats that you can buy, their uses and a general cost comparison to other models that are available.

Non-Programmable Thermostats

non programmable thermostat

These types of thermostats are the most classic and simplest to use. The only thing that you can really change on these thermostats is the set point. They simply turn the heating or cooling system on or off and cycle.

The great thing with these types of thermostats is they are very inexpensive and not complex in nature. They are more user friendly and not riddled with extra buttons, dials, and menus. They are great for controlling the temperature where you do not need all the bells and whistles technology can offer.

Programmable Thermostats

programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are the first step up from your most basic thermostat. Not only can they change the thermostats temperature up and down to a set point, you can also program it to automatically change.

Say for example some people like it cooler at night, so you can program it to lower the temperature automatically at a specific time, say 10:00pm. If you don't want to be cold in the morning you can then turn up the heat at say, 6:00am. This works great as it saves on the heating bill and can give you a great nights rest.

The great thing with these types of thermostats is they are reasonably priced and not overly complex in nature. The menus are usually very basic and simple to understand. They are great for controlling the temperature where you don't want to break the bank and you want some options as far as what you can do with your heating and cooling system.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

WIFI Thermostat

As the saying goes, "I bet there is an app for that! " And yes, this includes thermostats. For a tech savvy individual on the go, this could be a nice thing to have. Being able to virtually log on to your thermostat using your cell phone or computer may be advantageous to you in certain situations. Say for example you went skiing for the day or you went on a long flight somewhere. You could log on to your thermostat and adjust the temperature to suit your needs before you get home. Once you get home, it will already be comfortable and ready for you to relax.

These types of thermostats usually have a digital interface and some models are even have a touch screen. They are usually programmable as talked about in the last section as well. Of course with some of these perks comes a higher retail price tag.

If you are looking for a thermostat with lots of flexibility and options, this might be what you need in your life. The ability to control temperature anywhere makes this type of thermostat better than all the rest mentioned thus far.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostat

These type of thermostats are the Cadillac of thermostats are far as what technology can offer. Not only can it do what all the other thermostats mentioned above can do, it also offers something else.

These types of thermostats essentially learn your habits. If you turn your heat down at night every night, for example, it will pay attention to what you do and just do it automatically for you. After a short while, there will be no need to change the temperature in your home as it will done automatically. This further increases your energy efficiency and comfort level.

Similar to the WI-FI models, it can be logged into and the temperature can be adjusted from anywhere in the world. The only huge drawback with these types of thermostats cost a lot of money and may not work in older homes.

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