Kitchen Lighting Ideas - Upgrades for Canadians

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Your kitchen is boring and needs a little upgrade to make cooking fun again. Here in this short little blog, we are going to look at some design ideas to kick your kitchen up a notch.

If you need help with lighting design or ideas please don't hesitate to give us a call at Firestorm Electric. We have years of experience and are full of great ideas that will make a difference.

modern kitchen lighting including ambient and task lighting

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures or Trims - Are your light fixtures or pot light trims looking like something out the disco era? You might just consider just giving your lighting a cosmetic facelift. There are lots of retrofit pot light trims that are available on the market or literally thousands of different light fixtures depending upon your taste and what type of atmosphere you want to make.

Bulb Upgrade - If your light bulbs look like something that came from the mix and match flea market, it might make a huge difference just to change some or all the bulbs so that they are all the same. Even just using different color temperature bulbs,(most common are daylight, cool white, and warm white) next to each other looks hideous and gross, it makes objects in the room look different under them. Consistency of the same bulb type will make a huge difference in what the room looks like. Ensure that you are using the right bulb for each fixture by looking for information inside the can for a pot light or somewhere on the light fixture itself, maybe even a sticker.

LED lights are a great choice for kitchens. If you want to learn more about the advantages and benefits of LEDs, please click the link to our blog on the subject here.

under cabinet lighting with new tile

.Adding Accent/Task Lighting - If a certain area of your kitchen is lacking in the lighting department, it might be time to add in some extra lighting with the help of your friendly, neighborhood electrician. A great idea for an upgrade is under cabinet lighting. It will make your kitchen a new place as you chop up vegetables underneath your lights. If your tile is dated and you want to replace it with something new and do not have this style of lighting yet, demo the tile and get your electrician to add the wiring in the wall where the tile was. Repair any drywall damage and retile and blammo! Bright shiny new tile with some cool new lights. One other great lighting idea tip might be to add a new lighting fixture of your choosing in an area that is lacking. A couple examples of this might be a lonely island peninsula or perhaps directly above a sink area or large stove, or glass door cupboards with no lighting inside.. It will make your life so much easier if you can actually see what you are doing!

lighting dimmer for task lighting

Add a Dimmer or Smart Switching - If your lighting is generally adequate and you are still looking for some extra spice, try adding a dimmer or smart switching. This will help to create mood in the kitchen depending upon time of day, and also save you a few bucks on energy costs. Smart switching is usually controlled in a unique way such as voice, cell phones or tablets. It can be a new toy to play with to make life less ordinary.

Do a Major Renovation - If the lighting in your kitchen cannot be fixed by just adding in a upgrading a couple of fixtures and the cabinet doors don't work properly anymore, you might consider a full kitchen renovation. It will cost a few bucks, but you will hopefully with a little bit of reconfiguring it will be the kitchen of your dreams for many years to come.

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