What Are 5 Key Signs That Your Office Space Needs Some Electrical Work?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

newly renovated office

Like any other building space, proper electrical maintenance of an office is critical for the safety and well being of its patrons. A properly maintained space increases productivity of the worker and makes coming to work a lot easier with a great space to occupy.

There are also great side benefits to having a great office work space. Energy efficiency will save money on power bills and modern lighting may decrease eye strain. If you have people that meet in your office, it may increase sales do to having a positive environment to do business in All in all, maintaining a great office space benefits anyone in a positive way.

It is important to make sure that you can identify electrical problems in the office before it makes going to work a drag and a negative work environment is born.

In this blog, we have indicated the top 5 reasons that you might need an electrical renovation or perhaps some much needed electrical maintenance.

  1. Lights Are Not Working Properly - When you look up in the board room and notice that 3 of the track light heads do not turn on any more and you just try to ignore it as your college pulls up a bunch of boring sales projection graphs. Or did you notice that there is a gap on one of the flush mount fixtures in the room that no longer properly touches the ceiling and looks ready to fall. Older outdated fixtures may become a hazard over time if they are not properly maintained as they age. It is something that will have to be addressed sooner or later.

  2. Lights Flicker for No Apparent Reason - Do your lights flicker for no apparent reason and you start to imagine yourself in a disco ballroom singing the Bee Gees Staying Alive song. There are a number of reasons for this including out dated technology used in the lights and aging electrical systems. Whatever the reason, it may be time to think about making some changes around the office.

  3. Saggy Cords or Sparking at Outlets - When go to plug something in, do the cords sag and start pulling out of the wall. Do they spark or arc when you plug things into the walls. If so, a refresh or rewire may be required to ensure electrical safety around the office.

  4. Circuit Breaker Trips - If you find that the circuit breaker trips regularly and this becomes normal then you should consult the services of a qualified electrician in your area. There is always an underlying cause, such as overloaded circuitry or perhaps faulty connections that is shorting things somewhere along the way. It could be the sort of problem that will prematurely shorten the life of whatever equipment is plugged in that is causing the breaker to trip as well. Whether it was that handyman that does building maintenance or aging infrastructure that is to blame for these issues, it really doesn't matter. In the end, it needs to be sorted out by someone that knows their way around circuitry.

  5. Its an Older Building - In an older building as time goes on, things break down more easy and cause more maintenance to keep things up and running. Insulation becomes brittle and that vibrations from years and years has finally loosened that electrical connection. Just like anything else in this world, it will work for a long time, but as electrical technology changes and innovation happens, you will want to update to keep up with the Joneses. Keeping up to current standards will help to increase energy efficiency and keep your office electric bills down to a minimum. A renovation will help pay for itself over years because you are not using that old power hungry lighting and equipment anymore. If you live in the Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding area, call Firestorm Electric to see if we can help you with your office renovation today!

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