What Does a Whole House Surge Protector do?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

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The term almost describes exactly what the device does. A whole house surge protector protects your appliances and anything electronic in your home from spikes in voltage and excess current from becoming damaged or destroyed entirely. If the surge protector device senses higher than normal Voltage, it will send the excess to ground.

It is essentially similar to like having a governor on your vehicle. It will allow you to only go to a specified maximum speed and then it cuts out, protecting you from too high of speed.

What Does a Whole House Surge

Protector Look Like?

whole house surge protector

The device that protects your house is located at your electric panel. They typically look like a square or rectangular box that is hard wired into the panel. There are house surge protectors that fit inside the panel are built right into an electrical breaker. It is very important that they are installed properly or else they wont be able to perform their job.

What Type of Surges does a Surge

Protector Protect From?

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One type of surge a surge protector is great at is surges from the power grid. This is typical when there is a lightning storm or perhaps something like a blown transformer or downed power line somewhere in the general area.

The second one might not be as obvious. When larger appliances or electrical equipment cycles, they might cause temporary spikes in Voltage, shortening the life span of other electronic or appliance items that may be overly sensitive to these fluctuations.

What Type of Things Does a Surge

Protector Protect In a House?

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The answer is a huge laundry list, but have some things in common. They all use electronics or electrical circuit boards inside them. Common items would include: washer, dryer, stove, stereo equipment, refrigerators, computers, dish washers, smart televisions, etc. Should you invest in one for your home? The answer would be it probably be a good idea!

Insurance companies don't give discounts unfortunately for having this extra safety device installed in your home, but thinking about replacing all those lost items in the case that lightning strikes should make it an easy decision.

Disaster may not happen today, or tomorrow, or next week. But when it does you will be prepared for it and not have not a lot of cost if any, to replace all the damaged household electrical items.

Can You Install One Yourself?

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Unless you are very comfortable working with electricity, it is recommended that a qualified electrician should do the work. If it not connected properly, it wont be saving your property from anything! Be rest assured if you hire your neighborhood electrician, it will be installed correctly and give you the piece of mind that you and your house is protected against potential power issues.

Do I really Need One Installed?

In conclusion, surge protectors are the best way to protect your homes electronics, appliances and electrical system from power surges. While surge protectors do come with preliminary purchasing and installation costs, they also provide safety, security, and piece of mind.

Would you rather be prepared if disaster strikes or be left angry and frustrated that you have to replace your damaged items. The best surge protectors on the market are whole home surge protectors that are installed directly into your home’s electrical panel. Call your local electrician today to talk about how a whole house surge protector can benefit you and your family!

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