Electrical Renovations

Residential Electrical Renovations 
in Cochrane, Calgary and Area

        Doing any sort of renovation to a space can be stressful and look like a huge mountain to climb. Lots of planning and hiring the right people for the job starts with hiring the right electrician. If you just rush in without any proper planning, you may hire someone who is not qualified and your project may be headed for disaster.  

      Utilize our professional electrical services to ensure your electrical systems will be upgraded to your lifestyle and functional needs.

      It is usually potentially unsafe to attempt your own electrical renovations. Professional electrical electricians have been trained and have the knowledge and skills to design and install new electrical upgrades. This will ensure your electrical system meets current Canadian codes and will be safe for many years to come.         


Cochrane residential Electrical renovation panel Work

      When renovating the electrical system in your home, make sure that the electrical system will be able to support all the new upgrades. Lagging, improper, or over extended electrical systems can cause a major problem with usage and safety. You may need an electrical service upgrade or panel upgrade depending upon the age of the electrical system , as well as with your respective renovation project.

At Firestorm Electric, we are able to handle any electrical renovation project or task in the Cochrane area. We have years of experience with designing, installing, updating, inspecting and more towards completing residential wiring. Call Us anytime with your electrical renovation service and we can get the process started!

Reasons to Renovate Electrical
In Your Home 

           There are a range of reasons to renovate, redesign and or update your residential spaces. Renovating your service panels can increase the allotted electrical output that your home or can operate with is one.

       This can become important if you are wanting to add a new piece of equipment or new electrical appliance that uses a lot of electricity. By increasing your panels capacity , you can add new items in the future  as well as it can  greatly increase the functionality, efficiency and aesthetics of your home.


        Another reason might want to renovate your space is that you have old wiring that is made of Aluminum. This can potentially cause a fire hazard in your home as it was deemed unsafe shortly after its introduction to homes in the mid 1960s and early 1970s. If maintained properly it can be made safe, but as time goes on you might want to get this potential hazard out of your home.

       Updating the wiring in your home can increase the safety and effectiveness of your electrical system. As time goes on electrical standards change and peoples needs change over  time. You need a space that isn't dated and boring that works with the needs of today! For more information on our electrical renovations or if you need electrical services in general, contact Firestorm Electric your preferred Cochrane Electrical Contractor, today!

Electrical Renovation Services Offered

Electrical Home Renovation
electrical renovation Blueprint

       We are fully equipped and able to tackle any sort of home electrical renovation that you might be doing. From a small kitchen to a bathroom renovation, to lighting upgrade in your home, we are here to to help. Some of the key services we can provide are:​

  • Bathroom upgrades including bathroom exhaust fans, timers, humidity sensors

  • Kitchen Renovations 

  • Building Full Additions

  • Basement Developments

  • Panel/Service upgrades, sub-panel

  • Lighting upgrades of any sort including:                                                               pot lights, under-cabinet lights, detail lighting, tubes, ballasts, security lighting etc.

  • Home theatre, Media Rooms, etc.

  • Residential generators to provide you with electricity during the next power outage

  • Hot tub/pool wiring

  • Arc fault (AFCI) circuits

  • Smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector upgrades

  • Replacing or maintenance on aluminum wiring

  • Adding new electrical items/devices as your needs change over time

  • Relocate, upgrade and install devices and equipment

  • Exterior/security lighting

  • Code correction

  • LED retrofit

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Landscape/outdoor lighting

  • Air Conditioners, Heating systems

  • Whole house surge protection, important for protecting your appliances and electronic devices

  • Data line installation/communications wiring

Call Firestorm Electric today for your free estimate on your next electrical renovation! You wont regret that you did!