Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement


The Importance
of Smoke Detectors 

                  Did you know that a smoke detector is the one of the most important  safety devices you have in your home? In the event of a fire, it can alert people inside the residence early enough before the fire gets out of control and disaster strikes. It can potentially save your life, animals, home and belongings if they are properly installed and maintained.

            This device for the purpose it serves is it 100% worth the small amount of money that you have to pay for piece of mind They are fairly simple to install allow you to sleep soundly at night.

Smoke Detector Tips


      Maintaining your smoke detectors is an important item in the house that will need your attention from time to time. Some of the things to look at are:

  1.  Smoke detectors actually expire. A good rule of thumb is  5 to 10 years from the date of manufacture, but will change from brand and quality.

  2. Make sure that the smoke detector is tested regularly. (usually about every 6 months)Please check with your specific brand of smoke detector for recommendations

  3.  If the smoke detectors used have battery backup or are battery powered, please ensure that batteries are replaced when they die to ensure the smoke functions properly 

  4. If a smoke detector is taken down for some reason or another, make sure that it is put back up. If it not installed, it cannot protect you in the case of emergency.

        Do you need help to replace, or install a smoke detector? At Firestorm Electric, our customer’s safety and well being is our number one priority. Call your local neighborhood Cochrane electrician to schedule us to help with your smoke detector woes today!

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